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Industry Expertise In Custom Plastic Injection Molding

Our experience and expertise allow us to accept the challenge of even the most complicated projects. Regardless of use of a product, we are confident that we can exceed the expectations of even the most stringent customer. We approach every project with the same quality standards and on-time delivery expectations. Our strong knowledge of mold design, mold building and polymer technology in this constantly evolving field allows us to be your one stop shop for all types of projects.

The experience ranges from helping an inventor bring their dream to reality to working with rocket scientists for Fortune 500 companies.

We have an extensive portfolio in many industries. This diversity allows us to approach every project with a creative view. Here is an example of some of the solutions we have offered our customers:


  • Instruments for delicate eye surgery
  • Components of high power sinus aerators
  • Filtering devices for removal of polyps
  • Defibrillator display cases
  • Test tube trays for blood separation


  • Industrial printers
  • UL certified industrial surge protectors
  • Waste water filter components


  • Portion control food containers
  • Hoofwear for horses
  • High volume pen light flashlights


  • Emergency lighting devices
  • Communication devices
  • Threaded screws


  • Small motor housings
  • Pulley system retaining clip


  • Security infrared location devices
  • Extreme environment simulation system component
  • Tactical and hunting firearms and accessories