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Engineered For Success

The support Ayanna Plastics & Engineering offers its customers starts with excellent engineering. Our engineers have vast experience in part design, mold design and building injection molds. This lets us guide customers on both complex and simple projects. The diversity of our engineering team allows us to take creative and unique approaches to getting the job done. We’re often able to take on complex parts that other molders wouldn’t be willing to produce, simply because of the depth and breadth of our knowledge.

Throughout the development process, Ayanna Plastics & Engineering will assist or lead the way in reverse engineering, design for manufacturing, engineering analysis, rapid prototyping and mold design. For some customers, product development is more involved and requires a dedicated resource to consider the entire scope of a project. In addition to our in-house team, we have relationships with several firms that focus solely on product development. These teams look at not only the design of a project, but the entire product line, competitive analysis, legal implications and so much more. If your product requires this in-depth guidance, we would happily provide you with several resources, or we will work directly with them on your behalf.