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BrandTonnageShot Size
Battenfeld With Robot35.5 oz
Toshiba Electric651.5 oz
Toshiba Electric with Yushin554.4 oz
Toshiba Hydraulic904.6 oz
Toshiba Electric1104.8 oz
Toshiba Electric With Yushin1105.3 oz
Toshiba Hydraulic15010.5 oz
Toshiba Electric20012.7 oz
Toshiba Electric with Yushin20012.7 oz
Toshiba Hydraulic25030 oz
Niigata Electric38563 oz
Toshiba Electric39037 oz

Pad Printer
-90 MM Single-Color Print Surface
-90 MM Two-Color Print Surface

Support Equipment
Portable Clean Room
Conveying Systems
Mold Heaters
Ball and Jewel Grinders
25lb – 300lb Dessicant Dryers
Sterlco Hot Oil Unit – 500 Deg Max Temperature
DME Multizone Controlers
Pulse Fast Heat Hot Runner Control System.